Your platform for competitive gaming and professional E-Sports

PBX PRO SERIES is more than just a gaming platform.

We are a passionate community of E-Sports enthusiasts dedicated to

promoting and developing competitive gaming at the highest level.

Our mission is to create a premier environment for players, teams

and fans, where talented gamers can unleash their full potential.



Competitive Gaming League
Dive into our state-of-the-art gaming leagues, ranging from top-tier tournaments to professional leagues. We offer a wide range of games, from classic titles to the latest releases, covering the diversity of E-Sports.
Professional Infrastructure 
At PBX PRO SERIES, we rely on cutting-edge technology to ensure fair and exciting competitions. Our platform provides stable servers, powerful tournament management tools, and a user-friendly interface for a seamless gaming experience.
Community and Networking
PBX PRO SERIES encourages the building of networks and relationships in the gaming world. Join our vibrant community to meet like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and grow together.

Professional Support

Our platform is designed not only for players but also for teams and organizations. We offer professional support, from sponsorship opportunities to marketing services, to ensure that your team receives the recognition it deserves.

Your path to victory begins here!

Whether you’re an aspiring pro or an enthusiastic fan,

PBX PRO SERIES is the place where gaming dreams come true.

Join us today, unleash your gaming potential, and experience the thrill of E-Sports at a new level.


PBX PRO SERIES – Where gaming becomes a passion and E-Sports becomes a career!

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